The Man, The Plan,
the Dream
BOOK One in the China 4.0 series

Find out China's next big ideas and what's in store for the country and the world from now until 2025 in this new book by Jason Inch, author of China's Economic Supertrends

About the Book

The man is Xi Jinping and he has the plan, China's 13th Five-Year Plan to be precise, and his dream and the dream of all Chinese people is the  great rejuvenation of China. Find out what this all means for you, and for the world, in this brand new book on China's economy, government policy, and social development, published in July 2017. 
  • A great book for people learning about China.
    zhang dawei
  • Jason taught the best class I have ever attended on China's economy.
    sarah goldman
  • My favorite book for recommending to executives who need to understand what's happening in China today.
    Peter robertson

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